Watch! More from Texas! SWAT Team Raids Big Daddy Zanes “They Have Already Taken My Income”


Here we go again! Another example of the police taking extreme measures to close down a local business that opened ‘too soon’. And happening in Texas too!

From Everything Lubbock:

The business was open but also there were armed men carrying on a peaceful protest near the bar. Gabrielle Ellison, said she spoke with the Ector County Sheriff’s Office prior to the protest.

Ellison opened up her doors despite Abbott’s latest order.

“We can’t take it no more. We’re not going to make it,” said Ellison. “I am shocked. I had customers come through saying, ‘You know they have SWAT built up, they have SWAT built up.’  Why would you bring in SWAT on a peaceful situation?”

Ellison said the risk of staying closed outweighs the risk of any virus — even if it means potentially getting in trouble. “The possibility of losing my license – heartbreaking. But they’ve already taken my income,” said Ellison.

Thank you to all the men and women like Gabrielle Ellison and Shelley Luther who have the courage and conviction to stand up for their Constitutional Rights! Without people like this we would never even have a free country to begin with.

Gabrielle Ellison big daddy zanes

Image via video screen capture

Please support them if you can.


Featured image via video screen capture