Watch: KC-10 Refueling F-15 Fighter Aircraft Over Coral Springs Florida


This is a rare sight to see over South Florida! A KC-10 tanker aircraft midair refueling a pair of F-15 fighters! Do you know why they were there? Well, just maybe it had to do with President Trump being home for the weekend at Mar-a-Lago and enforcing temporary flight restrictions.

Whatever the case enjoy the video!

Here is the information the person filming the event placed on Youtube…

Here’s a rare sight over South Florida! This footage shows a KC-10 Extender refueling a couple of fighters around 22,000 feet! The F-15 getting fuel in the first shot might be the same one flying next to the tanker while another F-15 fuels up during the next pass. The last clips show the KC-10 flying directly overhead, heading back to the airbase. The sound you hear at the end is actually from a 737 departing from FLL (around 10,000 feet).

The last footage in this video was filmed around 18:00 local time. Just one hour later, a thunderous shockwave was felt across the city of Coral Springs. As we later found out, it was a sonic boom caused by two F-15’s which had gone supersonic over the Everglades, heading north to intercept an aircraft that had violated the TFR over Palm Beach. Whether or not they were the same pair of fighters featured here is unknown. Although we don’t have any recording of the sonic boom, it was an amazing experience for the Horizon members who felt it!

We’ve never gotten the chance to see military aircraft in the area before, but now it is a little more common with President Trump’s regular visits to Palm Beach. Political views aside, it’s a nice opportunity to film aircraft that we typically don’t get to see!


Featured image by Youtube video screen capture