Watch: Jonathan T. Gilliam “The Experts” – Trump’s First 30 Days & Idiot of the Week


NOTE: Jonathan’s commentary starts about 3:10 into the video if you want to fast forward to the beginning.

Tonights topics include the first 30 days of the Trump administration, the new chairwoman of the Republican Party, his newly published article, immigration and his ‘moron’ of the week. Must see TV!

The EXPERTS is a video based series created, produced, shot, hosted, and edited by Jonathan Gilliam.

The EXPERTS exposes the truth of hot topics in the media with analysis from operationally trained effective thinkers, not just talking heads trained to twist stories around to fit their agenda. Truth is the agenda of The EXPERTS. The mission of the show is to provide a learning experience that leaves the viewers inspired with deeper understanding and a need to see more. It’s the unmedia media!

Jonathan’s background as a Navy SEAL, Federal Air Marshal, DHS advisor, and Special Agent with the FBI, speaks volumes and has provided a firm foundation for spot on analysis as he now serves in media as a network news law enforcement, national security and political analyst. – Read More about Jonathan Gilliam

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