Watch: Gunman Opens Fire on GOP Baseball Practice (Video)


Multiple shots rang out today while the GOP was practicing for their annual charity baseball game later this week.

The gunman was killed by police but wounded five others (some critical) including GOP House Whip Steve Scalise who was shot in the hip. He was initially reported in stable condition after surgery but reports are saying he has been downgraded to critical.

The Left is literally driving their supporters insane with their hatred of Donald Trump. The media is hell bent on doing anything and everything to remove him from office and overturn the election results.

This must stop. To the media and the Left…stop the deranged hatred. You lost the election. Stop trying to get Trump impeached. Focus on winning in 2020.

To those who are leading the charge in the destroy Trump at all costs movement…you must stop. This is America. We do not behave like this.


Featured image by Shawn Thew/EPA