Trying to ‘Bush’ Trump Will Not Work


I’ve heard that making sausage is a pretty messy, ugly, and unpleasant process to witness. Well, so is implementing real change in Washington, D.C.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I believe that God gave us Trump because I do not believe that a pro politician could pull off dismantling so many leftist sacred cow strongholds at the lighting speed at which Trump is moving.

I remember Bahamian actor Sidney Poitier saying when he came to America that he simply pursued his dream, undeterred by supposed limits for blacks. Consequently, in 1964, Poitier became the first black to win an Academy Award for best actor.

Political outsider Trump is cleaning up the mess, undeterred by corrupt D.C. establishment procedures designed to continue the status quo. Consequently, we have Scott Pruitt fixing the overreaching anti-business tyranny of the EPA. We have Jeff Sessions, who will implement equal justice for all Americans, unlike Obama’s attorneys general. One said he would not prosecute fellow blacks; the other supports Black Lives Matter’s infamous lie that cops are racist. Leftists’ heads are exploding because new education secretary Betsy DeVos vows to ensure that every child receives a quality education.

While some of the rude, crude, and violent illegal actions of leftist anti-Trump protesters is organic, the vast majority of it is paid for by America-hating billionaire George Soros. From the airport protests to the Women’s March to Black Lives Matter murdering cops and numerous other incidents of chaos in our streets, Soros is the money man. Soros is also tied to the left’s campaign to impeach Trump.

Even before Trump took his oath of office, the left launched their immoral, unethical, and lawless 1,460-day (four-year) plan to destroy Trump. The left intends to block Trump from implementing everything we elected him to do.

Despite leftists cautioning their side to tone down their over-the-top hysteria, the left’s rabid opposition to Trump continues to escalate to absurd levels. It’s a bright, sunny day. If Trump comments about it, the left will try to convince the public that it is raining, and Trump lied about the sun.

I submit that the Left cannot tone down their brain-dead, emotion-driven, foot-stomping temper tantrums because it is who they are. It is like the old joke: “I helped you because you promised not to bite me. Why did you bite me?” The snake replied, “I’m a snake. It’s what I do.”

When Education Secretary Betsy DeVos showed up for work, she was attacked by protesters. One jerk even stood in front of DeVos’s car when she tried to leave.


Photo of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos being blocked by protesters by CNN

Folks, the left is going to pull this crap every day for the next four years. When leftists push free speech to breaking the law and destroying public and private property, I say lock their derrières up! Thank God: finally, a Republican administration that is doing just that.

The left’s goal is to cement their lie that a majority of Americans regret voting for Trump and hate his agenda. In other words, they hope to “Bush” Trump. Relentless unchallenged distortions and lies about President George W. Bush caused his approval to plummet to 33% when he left office. Clearly, the left have begun their triple-the-intensity campaign to do even worse damage to Trump’s approval.

All seeking to see America made great again (patriots) must pull out all the stops, using their creativity and every tool at their disposal to counter the left’s tsunami of anti-Trump and anti-Trump agenda lies.

The left relentlessly and creatively sold us their far-left-radical Trojan Horse disguised as an articulate black man. From Greek columns in the background when he spoke to extra reverb on his microphone to kindergarteners mandated to sing of his greatness, the left practically branded Obama a deity. As part of Black History Month indoctrination, kindergarteners were taught to sing, “Barack Obama is the man” and “he’s our man, yes we can!”

In celebration of capitalism and the entrepreneur spirit, it would be fun to see kids start Trump lemonade stands.

Folks, the left still do not get it. They do not understand the Trump Revolution.

I realized that something was amiss during the campaign. I witnessed thousands of Americans of all stripes, from well dressed white seniors to black bikers covered in tattoos, waiting in line, enduring 85-degree Florida heat and sun, hoping to get into the Trump rally at the Daytona Beach Convention Center.

If we are relentless in expressing our support for Trump implementing his 100-day plan, the left’s efforts to “Bush” Trump via chaos in our streets, fake news, and violence will fail.

Oh, one last point. I’ve heard concerns that the left will react violently if we resume Trump rallies. Well, I am sorry, folks, but freedom ain’t free. As a matter of fact, God has designed life in such a way that anything worth having requires backbone and risks.

Are you guys ready? Great! Let’s roll!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Featured image via public domain Wiki Commons