Trump’s 2005 Tax Return – What You Need To Know


Late yesterday the media was in a tizzy about Trump’s 2005 tax return being ‘found’ in a mailbox by some reporter who then decided to release it to the public.

What you need to know…

  1. It is illegal to release someones personal tax return in this manner. Someone needs to be prosecuted and go to jail.
  2. The media ran wild with the thought that somehow with the release of these tax returns Trump would be greatly damaged. Even though all we see is that the tax return confirmed he made a lot of money in 2005 and that he paid a lot of taxes in 2005!
  3. No smoking gun tying Trump to the Russians was found so they had to quickly change course and now insinuate that Trump himself leaked these documents.
  4. This whole episode shows the American people that the media is full of people who are literally going insane with their hatred of Donald Trump and will grasp at anything.
  5. The media and Trump haters are literally destroying themselves. Their hate is so great that it is like they are taking a poison pill.

Stay strong and continue your solid support of President Trump. He is turning Washington upside down and the establishment on both sides cannot stand it. Trump is the biggest threat to their ‘good old boy’ club they have ever seen and they are determined to bring him down.

The American people have to stand up against this effort. The very future of our country depends on it.

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