Trump is a Racist! Did You Know? See It Here For Yourself!


President Trump held another COVID-19 press conference yesterday in the Rose Garden at the White House. Of course, the leftist media could not wait to try and get into a fight with him.

Remember how the media would attack Trump on the testing issue? So now that the US is testing at a far greater rate that any country in the world they still want to criticize on the issue!

Watch as a CBS News reporter ask a question about testing and how Trump responds. Then as he tries to move on to another question a CNN reporter gets in on the act and attempts to keep the CBS News reporter in the game.

Trump handles this perfectly! BUT as always, the media is running wild with the accusation that Trump is a racist for telling an ‘Asian’ reporter to ask “China” about the deaths around the world. This is routine now with the media. Will the American people reject this type of behavior or will they elect Biden in 2020?

Comment below what you think. Was Trump right?


Featured image via video screen capture