The Real Russian Scandal Belongs to Hillary Clinton! by Wayne Root


The entire “Trump Russian scandal” narrative is complete utter nonsense. Democrats are so desperate to stop Trump, they’re clinging to a Saturday Night Live comedy skit- with the full cooperation of their liberal lackeys in the mainstream media.

They’ve just made a YUGE mistake. And it’s all going to blow up in their face. There is a “Russian influence scandal.” It just has nothing to do with President Trump.

It belongs to Hilary and the Democrats.

First, a few Trump aides had conversations with the Russian ambassador, or Russian officials. Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a U.S. Senator at the time. That’s part of his job.

But talk about hypocrisy. It turns out many Democrat U.S. Senators had the same meetings. So did House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi. They all met with the same Russian Ambassador.

Secondly, Democrats seem to think talking to Russians is a crime. They even throw around words like “treason.” But they see no issue with Democrats taking millions of dollars from Russians?

Because it turns out that Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary’s national presidential campaign manager John Podesta is a super lobbyist who took huge money from the Russians in order to end U.S. government sanctions against Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank.

Not only did the brother of Hillary’s campaign manager take huge money from the Russians to represent a foreign government’s biggest bank, but his firm accepted over $24 million in fees in 2016, much of it from foreign governments.

If Democrats want Congressional investigations into Russian connections, I say we give them major investigations. Let’s start with Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta.

Now we get to the juiciest part of the scandal- Hillary herself.

I’ve been publicly talking about this story for many years. The Clinton Foundation was from the start a bribery and extortion racket set up by the former President of the United States and his wife, the Secretary of State. They didn’t just talk to Russians, or other foreign governments and foreign leaders. They accepted massive bribes, disguised as “charitable donations.”

This happened while Hillary was Secretary of State. Even the Gambino Crime Family couldn’t dream up with an extortion racket this big! I can hear famed mob attorney and former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman advising his mob clients “You can’t possibly extort foreign governments in plain sight, while you’re Secretary of State. Are you out of your mind?”

But why would any of this audacity shock anyone. Never forget the King of Morocco donated $12 million to the Clinton Foundation only on the condition that Hillary show up at his event.

 Bill Clinton received a $1 million birthday present in return for a 5-minute meeting with the leaders of Qatar.

There are many more instances of “donations” traded for access to the Secretary of State of the United States. But none of them beats the $145 million received by the Clinton Foundation in return for Secretary of State Clinton selling 20% of the U.S. uranium stock to…guess who?

The Russians.

Hillary’s State Department approved giving one fifth of the U.S. uranium stock to Russia, at the same time top executives of the uranium company gave Hillary $500,000 for one speech and “donated” $145 million to her foundation.

Democrats throw around the word “treason” for phone calls, or meetings? But Hillary’s actions while serving as Secretary of State perfectly fits the definition of treason.

Obama and his crony Attorney General did nothing to investigate these blatant crimes. It’s clearly time for President Trump and Congress to start investigations.

If phone calls to Russians merit an investigation, what is the significance of the Clinton Foundation accepting $145 million from the Russians, while Hillary is Secretary of State and being lobbied by these same people to sell off America’s valuable resources? Or Hillary’s campaign manager’s brother lobbying on behalf of Russia’s biggest bank while his brother runs her campaign for President?

But Hillary has one more YUGE problem. If Putin and Russia get sick and tired of being a piñata for Democrats, guess what they might do?

Democrats claim Russia hacked Hillary’s deleted emails, right? They seem so certain. Well maybe Russia will choose to release all 30,000 emails. Tomorrow. And then we’ll all find out what Hillary discussed in writing that she so badly needed to make disappear.

And it’s perfect timing for the Congressional investigation.

Good luck Hillary. Democrats were right. There is a Russian and influence peddling scandal. But it belongs to Hillary and the Democrat Party. And now we have a President Trump who will investigate and prosecute.

I have a funny feeling Democrats will be sorry they ever opened up this can of worms.

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Featured image of Putin and Hillary Cinton by AP