Stay at Home Order Protesters Enter Michigan’s Capitol Building


A large number of protesters went inside Michigan’s Capitol building on Thursday voicing their desire to lift the restrictions Michigan’s Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has put in place forcing people to stay-at-home except for “essential” reasons.

From Fox News:

Holding American flags and handmade signs, the demonstrators in Lansing first congregated shoulder-to-shoulder outside before demanding to be let inside the building. Some chanted “Let us in,” The Detroit News reported.

Dennis Sigler, 66, of Mason, told the newspaper he attended the protest out of respect for others and not because he was worried about the COVID-19.

“I love freedom,” he said. “In America, we should be free. Don’t let them try to protect us from ourselves.”

Many Democrats have raised their concerns that these protests are actually helping to spread the COVID-19 virus and “kill” people. They also cited their ‘fear’ because some of the protestors were lawfully carrying weapons.

Sheriff Clarke was there!

Is this what America has become? Governor’s telling citizens they have to stay at home and can’t work? We think not! Don’t let the government learn how easy it is to take away our Constitutional Rights! Nowhere in the Constitution does it have a clause stating that our God given rights go away during a pandemic!

Recently Facebook took down notices of public protest events such as these. Do you still like using Facebook???


Featured image via video screen capture