No Charges Expected Against Flynn


CNN is reporting that the FBI will not press any charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn regarding his conversations before taking office with the Russian ambassador. This makes total sense because General Flynn did nothing wrong!

The way the Democrats and big media (press department for the Democratic Party) presented this story was that General Flynn did something wrong and that is totally misleading and not true. Even if Flynn had discussed sanctions with the ambassador there is nothing wrong with that.

Apparently Flynn did tell Vice President Pence and the FBI that he did not discuss sanctions on his phone conversations but then later after being pressed changed his story to that he could not remember. This was clearly a setup.

Flynn was made to think that there was something wrong with him discussing sanctions even though there was not. Clearly, Flynn did not think the contents of his call were in the hands of the FBI when first asked about it. Then realizing or suspecting that the FBI had the transcript of the call he changed his response to not being able to remember what he talked about.

Yes, Flynn was wrong in how he handled it and now he has paid a price for it. End of story.

The real story is twofold.

One, when Vice President Pence was asked on the Sunday shows if Flynn had discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador he should have answered in the following manner, “I am not going to comment on any conversations General Flynn had with the ambassador.”

Our side has to learn to play the game better. We always ‘cower‘ and fall prey to the Leftist traps. Pence was under no obligation to answer that question the way he did. Pence should have known there was nothing wrong even if Flynn had discussed sanctions. But he was afraid that if he did not deny the phony allegations there would be hell to pay.

Two, the real story is the illegal wiretapping of General Flynn’s conversation and the subsequent leaking of it to the media. Our side should be the ones who are outraged and not the other way around.

Hopefully, President Trump has Attorney General Jeff Sessions investigating this right now and ultimately will find the culprits who did the wiretapping and leaking, prosecute them and put them in jail.


Photo of Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions by By Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons

One thing is very clear, high level Obama people approved this illegal activity and conducted it. John Brennan at the CIA, James Clapper, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes and people in the Obama DOJ have to be suspects. They violated the law in their quest to bring down General Flynn and Trump. Remember, Obama had already fired Flynn before and it surely caused great angst with the Obama administration that Trump put him in such a high position.

Wake up conservatives! The Left has declared all out war on us and we better act according or they will destroy us.

Featured image of Lt General Michael Flynn by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo, DoD photo