Is Biden Really Using a Teleprompter for Q&A? Why Yes He Is! See the Proof.


There have been a lot of talk about how Joe Biden cannot really answer questions without help. Two recent incidents totally prove he is being assisted by a teleprompter even to answer simple questions.

See it for yourself right here!

Want more proof? This just happened as well. Biden (from his basement) holds up a picture of his children but you can clearly see what he is looking at on the reflection on the glass of the picture frame! A teleprompter!

biden reading off teleprompter revealed

Biden Reading off Teleprompter Accidentally Revealed (Image via video screen capture)

Another question is ‘who’ is providing the answers for Biden? And who exactly is running to be President? We know it is not Biden. So if Biden wins who exactly will be the actual President making decisions?

The American people have a right to know. Comment if you agree. Do you think he Biden is reading answers off a teleprompter when being asked questions?