Democrats Stay in Obama’s Corner Picking Tom Perez as DNC Chair


Nothing is changing much with the Democrats these days as they chose former Obama administration official Tom Perez as the DNC chair AND Perez quickly appointed radical Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) as his deputy.

The decision was close with Perez earning 235 votes and Ellison 200. Perez was the former Labor Secretary for President Obama and Ellison is widely known for his association and support of Louis Farrakhan the religious leader and activist.

Many thought Ellison may win going into the vote and he was the favorite of leftist Bernie Sanders while Perez had the support of former Vice President Joe Biden among other former Obama administration officials. If you don’t know much about Ellison he is as far left as it gets and has views that harm America as it was founded.

So if you thought the Democrats might take a new course, even the slightest bit on their hard core leftist agenda this is a clear sign that is not going to happen. The Democrat Party has literally been taken over by Communists. There is no doubting that anymore and if we don’t recognize that and act accordingly conservatives have no hope for the future beyond the Trump years.

From the press conference:
“I would like to begin by making a motion, it is a motion that I have discussed with a good friend, and his name is Keith Ellison,” Perez said after accepting the post as DNC Chair.
“Did I hear a second?” asked Perez. “Second!”, shouted the audience.

There are still maybe a few Democrats that are not hard core leftists but they are nowhere to be found in the leadership of the Democrat Party.


Featured image of Tom Perez and Keith Ellison by CNN

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