Breaking! CNN Says Sean Hannity Pulled a Gun on Juan Williams!


More fake news from CNN!

Ok, to them it makes total sense…Sean Hannity is hated almost as much as Donald Trump by the left and it is known that Sean has a concealed carry permit. So why not make up a story that he pulled a gun on Williams and even go into detail saying he used a red laser to target him.

Is anyone surprised that Juan Williams denies this happened? Apparently, Hannity showed his unload gun to Williams. End of story yet CNN takes it to a whole new level of lying in their attempts to make Hannity look bad.

This is why we love CNN so much (yea, right)…they know they are lying and they don’t even care! Talk about bold!

The truth is though none of this is surprising anymore, it is expected these days from the media. We need to stop complaining about how biased the media is because it is a waste of our time and it just gives them more attention then they deserve.

Featured image from Fox News