Watch: Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Speaks at CPAC 2017 to Standing Ovation!


Nigel Farage, our new British conservative hero spoke today at CPAC and received a standing ovation. He talked about Brexit and the Trump win commenting that those events took place because the people are fed up with globalism and prefer the nation state over a one world order.

Nigel spoke about the Impact of Brexit and the Trump win around the World. He mentioned that he was proud to have met Donald Trump and spoke at one of his rallies. “I’m proud to be a part of that campaign, I really am,” he said. Also that he felt “more American” ever since President Trump won the election last November. The two men met after the election.

Nigel said that what happened in 2016 is not the end but the beginning of a great global revolution.

He ended his CPAC speech by throwing his fist in the air and saying, “We Are Winning!” (watch the short video above to see his ending)


Featured image of Nigel Farage speaking at CPAC by Alex Wong/Getty Images

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