Warning to Conservatives & Republicans. You are Being Destroyed


If you are a Republican, Conservative, supporter of the Constitution or anyone who believes in America as it was founded you are about to become totally irrelevant.

There is an all out war being wage against you with the goal being your total elimination as a force in American government and politics.

Sure, Donald Trump just won the Presidency and the Republicans control both the House and Senate but don’t let this fool you.

  1. Probably at least half of Republicans are NOT conservative and while they give lip service to supporting the Constitution they don’t really believe in it. They won’t tell you what they really think.
  2. Donald Trump has many good ideas that can help but his attempts to get them done are being stopped by the Republicans. Go figure. See comment #1 above for an explanation.
  3. The Media and their flunkies (The Democratic Party) are willing to do anything and everything to destroy Trump and any conservative agenda. They are willing to lie, cheat, steal, mislead and much more on a daily basis.
  4. The Media and Democrats have no problem behaving this way because they have no morals. They are a ‘win at all costs’ movement. The ends justifies the mean with these people and they are getting more and more violent, radical and viscous on a daily basis.
  5. Republicans are an endangered species. Why? The Republican Party is being infiltrated by Democrats and people who might as well be Democrats because there is no difference. Very smart of these people pulling this off. They play at a much higher lever than our side can even comprehend. Case in point, Dean Heller telling everyone at a public gathering recently that he will ‘protect’ Planned Parenthood and will ‘support’ funding them with government money. Yet, he is supposed to be a Republican.
  6. Texas is on the verge of being lost to the Left and once that happens no Republican can ever win another Presidential election. Don’t fool yourself. It is happening and so close to tipping over the edge. The Left is waging war to take over Texas right now and our sides response is “It can’t happen” instead of fighting back.

Until our side learns to fight like the Left. Until our side actually does fight back like the Left we are doomed.

Trump is a gift to conservatives. While he may not be perfect, he is the ‘perfect’ fighter. He is afraid of no one and gleefully fights back on every possible occasion. Until conservatives learn we have to fight fire with fire we have no hope.

Republicans…for those of you who are perfectly fine with the media and Democrats attacking Trump and even secretly hoping they are successful in bringing him down…If they bring him down that is the end of the Republican Party so take heed. Yes, we are talking to you John McCain, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Macro Rubio, Paul Ryan and more. You had better start supporting Trump instead of working against him.

So to all freedom lovers and supporters of the Constitution, wake up and do something about this or just accept the whole country will go the way of California and New York faster than you can image.


Featured image by Aaron Bernstein/Reuters