Want to Know Why Trump Won the Election? Watch! – Melbourne FL Rally


Want to know the ‘secret’ as to why and how Trump won the presidential election?

Simple…just watch this video below of the Trump rally today in Melbourne, Florida…this is ‘why’ he won the election. Trump had seen Gene Huber on television on his way to the rally and then spotted him in the crowd. (Watch the Secret Service reaction on the full video above at the 25:45 minute mark)

Trump seeing this man in the crowd and inviting him up on the stage is EXACTLY why he won the election over Hillary Clinton. If you watched it then it should be obvious. He cares about everyday people. Yes, he may be a billionaire but he is just a regular guy and the people are endeared to him because of it.

The average American loves Trump because he is brash and bold and stands up to the media and the democrats who are working together to ruin what we love about America. No other Republican could even come close to doing what Trump is doing. No other Republican could have beaten Hillary Clinton either.


Photo of Gene Huber waiting to enter Trump Rally by Christopher Heath/Twitter

Featured image via video screen capture

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