Fake News! CBO Says Ryancare Will Cause 24 Million to “Lose” Their Health Insurance


The left is running with the CBO narrative that Ryancare, the GOP establishment replacement bill for Obamacare will cause 24 million to “lose” their health insurance if passed.

Total FAKE NEWS! Did the CBO say that? Probably but the CBO is full of leftists just like the Democrat Party, the mainstream media (press wing of the Democrat Party) and unfortunately it appears our State Department and even the Intel community.

So what is the truth? Will 24 million “lose” their health insurance? No, but they ‘might’ decide not to purchase health insurance because the bill removes the mandate that requires people buy it. People choosing not to purchase something is VERY different from people “losing” it.

But on the other hand they might buy health insurance even though they don’t have to so there is no definitive answer even though the left and the CBO wants you to think otherwise.

Let us be clear though, we DO NOT support Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill at all! It has a LONG way to go before we would. Hopefully they will make the big changes needed to make this right.

President Trump do not let us down on this huge issue!

The truth is hard to find these days.


Featured image of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan by Gage Skidmore