Breaking! Attorney Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself on any Investigations Concerning Russia and the US Election


Attorney General Jeff Sessions just finished a press conference to answers concerns from the firestorm over if he mislead the Senate during his nominee hearings concerning Russia and the Trump campaign.

He reaffirmed that he did meet with the Russian ambassador in his office last year but it had nothing to do with the Trump campaign.

The media, Democrats and some Republicans are literally at war with the Trump administration and are willing to anything and everything to try and drive Trump from office. Yes, we did not say do anything to make Trump look bad, we said drive him from office.

It is clear now that the leftists and some in the GOP are hell bent on destroying the presidency of Donald Trump. This is not just an attack on Trump and his people. This is an attack on the millions of people who voted for Trump.

Trump and Sessions need to stand strong against this totally phoney line of attack. Wake up Americans who support Trump! The media, Democrats and GOP establishment will lie and do anything to try to attack Trump.

Nancy Pelosi said Sessions is a liar and needs to resign. And of course the press wing of the Democrat Party (CNN, MS-NBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and more) are running with the narrative full speed.


Featured image of Jeff Sessions at today’s press conference from Youtube video screen capture